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At BMW Park Lane we believe in making our customers aware of all the products available which enhance the maintenance of their vehicle. We offer BMW Protect X, that offers a lifetime of showroom shine in your very own drive way.


In today’s harsh environment your vehicle’s exterior paintwork is exposed to a number of pollutants, whilst accidental spillages can spoil your car’s interior. From UV rays to tree sap, detergent to acid rain, regular surface erosion means that your BMW needs extra protection if you want it to retain that showroom-like appearance.


The products that form the BMW Protect X system shield your paintwork from environmental pollutants, while providing a spectacular high-gloss finish. BMW Protect X also guards your vehicle’s interior, ensuring that seat fabrics and carpets resist staining, and that leather remains soft and supple. The take-home car care kit which is also supplied with BMW Protect X contains a selection of cleaning items that will help you maintain your car’s flawless appearance. So you can rest assured that beneath its showroom finish, your BMW and its future resale value stays protected.


  • Maintains a high-gloss showroom finish after being washed.
  • Guards your exterior and interior paintwork.
  • Enhances your vehicles resale value.
  • Enhances safety and visibility in wet driving conditions especially on our vehicles such as the BMW 2 or 4 series.
  • Provides a guarantee for paint, leather and fabrics
  • For each purchase receive a take-home car care kit, which provided you with a selection of cleaning items that will help you maintain your car’s appearance.


Speak to our dedicated sales team to find out more information on the costs and application of BMW Protect X: